SilvercroftUPP Twenty Eighteen Fundraiser


In 2011, we started working towards the development of a park to honor those who forever remain in our hearts and memories. One such person was my son who lost his battle with mental illness in the summer of 2009. I vowed to care for his most precious things … his family, friends and neighbors. They all have urged me to turn the spot of his death into a place of comfort and recreation for our entire community to enjoy.  

We invite any who have lost someone they hold dear to join our project. 

Fundraising Goal: $40,000
Proceeds will pay for a group Ramada and swings

Shared by Valerie Chandler, lead organizer for the Silvercroft Unity Park Project.

To donate, please visit our Donations page and choose Silvercroft Unity Park Project from the “Donation Type” dropdown menu.

About the Author
  1. Valerie
    Friends weather all storms together. The Silvercroft Unity Park Project turned those left behind, into a group of friends, determined to turn their pain into joy. Please join us on this journey.
  2. Valerie
    It's Memorial Day weekend. The perfect time to remember all loved ones who have died and all who gave their lives serving us. Do something special in their honor this weekend.