Polar Bears International Honors Reid Park Zoo & Zoo Honors Brooklyn Pizza Company

Dr. Steven Amstrup, world-renowned polar bear biologist and senior scientist with Polar Bears International (PBI), a leading polar bear conservation group, will present Reid Park Zoo with PBI’s prestigious Champion for Polar Bears Award. The award will be presented during a Reid Park Zoological Society Friendz of the Zoo event featuring a lecture by Dr. Amstrup on April 21, 2012.  Dr. Amstrup will be at the Reid Park Zoo April 20-21 (schedule of events below).

“The Reid Park Zoo earned the award because of its extraordinary outreach on climate change and CO2 reduction projects,” said Robert Buchanan, president and CEO of Polar Bears International (PBI). “Its passionate and creative leadership is making an enormous difference in motivating the public to make lifestyle changes to reduce carbon emissions.”

The Reid Park Zoo is part of PBI’s network of Arctic Ambassador Centers. These centers focus on animal well-being and enrichment, take a leadership role in stewardship and carbon reduction efforts in their communities, and participate in PBI polar bear research efforts.

During the event on April 21, the Zoo will, in turn, recognize a local business for its carbon-reduction efforts by presenting it with a Paw of Approval Award. This year’s recipient is Brooklyn Pizza Company, which has greened its operations by installing solar panels and an electric vehicle charging station. Additionally, they inform customers through an innovative educational display and use a solar powered vehicle for deliveries.

Schedule of Events with Dr. Amstrup:

April 20, 2012
●       1:30 p.m.      Dr. Amstrup and Zoo staff to visit Brooklyn Pizza Company
●       4:45 p.m       Dr. Amstrup workshop at Zoo Conservation Learning Center for staff and volunteers

April 21, 2012
●       4:00 p.m.      Zoo Friendz private tour behind-the-scenes at the Zoo to meet “Snow” the polar bear
●       4:30 p.m.      Conservation Learning Center opens for Dr. Amstrup’s lecture (SOLD OUT)
●       5:00 p.m.      Awards presented and lecture begins