Tucson Clean and Beautiful Programs

Adopt-a-Park and Public Areas Program

Tucson Clean and Beautiful is seeking community volunteers to adopt parks, streets, washes, and other available public areas on an ongoing basis. Volunteer groups are asked to commit to monthly cleanups, at least twice a month for parks and at least once a month for streets and washes. In return, groups are recognized with a sign and a ceremony at their adopted site.

Community organizations and businesses with a minimum of 5 interested members can apply for adopting a site. Many types of community groups are eligible, including civic associations, schools, neighborhood associations, religious groups, military groups, and scout groups. Tucson Clean and Beautiful welcomes volunteer groups of all ages and will help select an appropriate site.

To become a part of Tucson Clean and Beautiful’s environmental stewardship efforts and for more information visit www.tucsoncleanandbeautiful.org, email adoptapark@tucsonaz.gov or call 791-3109.

Adopt-a-Street Sponsorship Program

Tucson Clean & Beautiful now offers an Adopt-a-Street Sponsorship Program, through which businesses, organizations, and other groups can support litter cleanup and landscape maintenance activities along selected major roadways. This program is ideal for businesses and organizations that cannot provide volunteer time but can donate the cost of contracting a landscaping company to do professional maintenance and cleanup work. The program is tax-deductible and requires a minimum of two-year sponsorship commitment. For more information on available sponsorship options, contact Tucson Clean and Beautiful at 791-3109 or send an email to adoptapark@tucsonaz.gov.

Trees for Tucson Program

Trees for Tucson is accepting applications to participate in our low-cost Home Shade Tree Programs and Community Shade Tree program! Trees for Tucson is an Urban Forestry Program of non-profit organization Tucson Clean & Beautiful, and is sponsored by Tucson Electric Power.

Trees for Tucson was started in 1989 to encourage and facilitate desert-adapted tree planting in the Tucson metro area through community education and by delivering low-cost shade trees throughout the City of Tucson and Pima County. Program participants must plant their tree(s) to shade their home and must use Tucson Electric Power as their electric provider.

For questions regarding tree delivery, planting, and maintenance for the residential shade tree program, please call: Trees for Tucson Program Coordinator, Rani Olson, at 791-3109 or send an email to tft@tucsonaz.gov.