Partners of the Tucson Parks Foundation

Supporting and enhancing the work of the award-winning Tucson Parks and Recreation Department has been the goal of the Tucson Parks Foundation since its inception in 1983. We are a non-profit, 501c (3) corporation with an all-volunteer board of directors.

With more than 134 parks, 19 recreation centers, six off-leash dog areas, three skate parks, nine pools, a diversity of sports fields and dozens of special places for weddings and events in the City, there’s plenty of opportunity for everyone to exercise and improve your quality of life in the Tucson park experience.

The Tucson Parks and Recreation Commission is the City’s citizen advisory panel to the Mayor and Council. The Commission’s role is to make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding recreational activities and park facilities within the City; operations and maintenance policy and procedures; user fees; park development; and park name changes. Each member of the Mayor and Council appoints one member to the Commission and they are often looking for volunteers. To apply, please contact your city Council member by visiting

Many other groups and organizations are also working to support parks in Tucson, Pima County and Arizona. Please visit these websites to learn more.

Tucson Clean and Beautiful Adopt a Park Program

In partnership with the City of Tucson and Pima County, more than 170 city and county parks, washes and streets have been adopted with more than 13,000 volunteer service hours per year. Adopt one in your neighborhood today!


Dan Felix Fund
Mission San Agustin Garden Project
Reid Park Zoo
Reffkin Tennis Center
Tucson City Golf
Tucson Clean & Beautiful